Saturday, December 29, 2007


So I feel like I have successfully integrated technology into my life without being a slave to it (always answering the cell, or checking email more than the little one's diaper) but boy did I feel like a tool this week.
I have the store front on etsy ( and the Yahoo store ( however I totally fubared the yahoo one for a good couple of weeks and only today fixed it. It was of course the simplest of things, and it stemmed from my over abundant nature (insert "kiss" method here). I wanted to support the buy handmade movement I love, found them almost a year ago now and am so proud to be part of the pledge. I wanted to start a blog to get some extra info out there about my products, my outlooks and general detritus of my life. In adding those valuable links as well as another bath product I had completely wiped out all my other products posts (hand slapping forehead).
So this morning with a cup o coffee and some determination (mostly just common sense that I should have used in the beginning) I figured it out, added back my product, as well as a photo slide show to my blog (see it over there on the right). I was so proud and excited, the bambino just looked at me like I was some new toy, the hubby patted me on the back.
Just goes to prove knowing when to simplify is key, I don't have to do everything the hard way. Though I seem to do that first then scream, have a glass of wine and go back to the keep it simple stupid approach and reach my goal.
The moral of my story, use the "kiss" method and keep a bottle of wine handy (just in case).
Draining the tub,
Your Head Bather

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