Saturday, December 29, 2007

Family Rituals

Every family has some sort of ritual or tradition, this is usually evident during the holiday season, but what happens when the old traditions are revamped?
While many traditions are such because they are consistent from year to year, our lives are ever evolving and so to are some of our traditions. When one crone leaves this world, the next in line begins to feel her absence and the need to begin their reign as the wise woman of the tribe. This may begin new traditions and rituals for the seasons. Change is good, but doesn't always feel good the first go round, everything takes practice.
Some family's have set traditions that year after year you could set a script to, there is some comfort in that. Winter was often a worrisome time for people, in the past it was worry about the next seasons crops or livestock. There is still some of that concern hard wired into us I think, having traditions or rituals makes us feel like there is something we can do to hedge our bets or give thanks to ensure prosperity to come.
What traditions do you have or wish to begin for your family?
My wish for next year that the traditions created this year will develop and thrive into something rich and joyful.
Thanks, Reflection, and Resetting this New Year,
Head Bather

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