Sunday, June 30, 2013

Natures juice box

Nature's juice box
"Kiddos morning juice"

My Granddaddy had orange groves, this is how he used to prepare juice for us kids

  • Chill navel oranges (you need the thick flesh)
  • Using a pairing knife (or a clean pocket knife like he did) peel off the first layer (zest) so the white pith layer is visible but not the juicy membrane.
  • Core out a drinking hole in the center where the stem comes out of.
  • Give it a squeeze and drink up the natural goodness.



Our first summer break and no plans

Summer 2013
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We are rounding out our first month of a true summer break in our house. Oh, we have an active playgroup for fun in the sun and I have the kiddo doing chores and educational things but I've been keeping it a little loose. Mostly because that's what a break is, light on plans, heavy on recharging.

Fun things we've done so far
Build a fairy house or wild animal feeder, everyone has to eat and sometimes it's nice to share.

Dye white flowers, biology we are what we eat (mums didn't seem to work very well and the second after you cut it stick it in the water, I saw a difference in the flowers that I cut then set on the counter waiting to go in the dye water).

Get bored, let them get to the "I'm bored" point and don't fix it for them. This is not to be mean or a reminder of how much you do for them but a chance for their minds to explore, come up with ideas and problem solve. Sometimes life isn't planned.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


"But I'm not a good writer" I said, to which he replied "yes, you are but fine if you want to think that of yourself"

Our negative inner dialogue is strong, it takes daily practice to work against it sometimes. Like when I haven't slept well or taken my vitamins.

We are really our own worst critics, so today lets get out of our own way. Write, paint, sing, dance, cold call that opportunity, or just let your self sit still and breath in all your accomplishments large and small.


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