Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am so excited to announce that I am on the second page of the Google search of Ritual Bath. Wohoooo, work and careful attention is paying off. The Etsy store shows up first and at the bottom of the page is our beloved Tales from the Tub. Thanks to all who have visited or added the feed to their RSS readers. Don't forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter (it's at the left of this post), not only is it only monthly and has different info and contests then the blog but it is linked to my CafePress store. There you can find tees and totes with the RitualBath logo as well as some original artwork, and RitualBath does make small profit from each item sold. Not to mention the advertising you would be doing by wearing the label around town.

Thanks again,
Head Bather

P.S. I am working on some room sprays, and want your input so stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Updating, Updating...

So I have a Cafepress store, yeah I know who knew, not many. So I have updated it somewhat and added some new art photography I have taken recently. I will be ordering for myself, need to market my stuff in a new local and get the brand out there.

So check it out, there are shirts, magnets, mugs, art, buttons, and even stuff for the kiddies. If you see something you like but not the image you want drop me a line I would be glad to make it happen for you. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter, don't worry I will only be in your inbox once a month (unless you win the contest then maybe twice) and there are great things there you won't find on my blog.

Going to fill the tub,
Head Bather

Monday, August 25, 2008


So I recently threw out my back (motherhood has many blessings, tight abs not one of them) lifting some of our boxes that have yet to be unpacked. This is not unusual for me; I have had back injuries before and have tried many things to relieve my pain. Creams and patches cool me down but the ache is still there, drugs just made me sleepy which I woke from in more pain from not moving, but this time I made a bath concoction. Now I only did this the one time and the feelings lasted for a few hours but they were great hours, and want to try it again soon.

First I put the little one down for a nap (essential step), and began to brew some seaweed tea (any type you might have in the pantry for soups and such) boiling water and steep for 20 to 30 min. Then I made a bath teabag of chamomile and lavender to throw in while the tub was filling. As I filled the tub I dropped in the tea bag, poured in Epsom salts (a cup or two), and poured in the seaweed tea (without the now slimy seaweed). It smelled of the ocean but felt wonderful to soak in for twenty minutes, which is the most you should be in a warm bath. I carefully got out of the tub and my back felt great, though I didn’t and wouldn’t go out and try to lift anything. Granted the next day my back still hurt but I was happy for a few hours and I didn’t smell like menthol.
Feel free to try your own mermaid soak and have daydreams of the sea. Let me know how you made it your own ritual bath.

Sitting up out of the bath,
Head bather

Saturday, August 23, 2008

To every thing there is a season.

Motherhood is getting in the way of bath rituals. I no longer take a bath with candles before going out with my hubby, but hey I don’t go out with him very often anyway. If we do get to spend time together we are lucky to get out of the house with a place to go.
However that said I do need them back if only for a centering of myself and not before a date. I feel relaxed during the bath, soaking in sea salts and essential oils, my shoulders finally let go of all the things they must support for the day. It last for a while too, even better if I can go to sleep right after.
So new goal for the coming month: once a week bath, and I will update you all here with the recipes and outcomes. Wither it was moisturizing or calming and how to make it for your own reentry into your bath ritual.
Going to write my To-Do list,
Head bather