Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Earth Body Bar is here!

Finally after a long week I have got something to show for my work, just in time to be thankful.

These body bar soaps are made with hemp seed oil, dead sea mud and the lovely scent of Nag Champa. Hemp seed oil is a great skin moisturizer with a light green tint, and dead sea mud is thought to have many healthful properties and adds a wonderful silky lather that is great for shaving.
All soon to be available on my zibbet and etsy stores.
Now to get ready for the holidays!
Head Bather

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little bits of beauty

One of my favorite brands is Bare Escentuals and around the holidays they have great product that are perfect for travel or the gym bag. Last year I scored these cool eye shadows that are pressed on a card in coordinating pairs, no thicker than a credit card.

There were also small sizes of their plumping lip gloss.
The only bummer is that some things never come back into rotation. This year no eyeshadow cards, there are some cute shadow compacts this year, but still too bulky for my gym bag. They also have small eye liners that look great.
 Hope your holidays are plump and bright!
Head Bather

P.S. I talk about their products because I like them, I was in no way paid by bare escentuals.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Just a little of what I did today.

Hope you had a glorious day!
Head Bather

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have always been attracted all things Indian. I think it started when my mother began cooking Indian food, all the spices were very interesting to me. Guess it goes with my herbalist tenancies, all the interesting seed pods, and ground herbs that tickle the senses. I even got my very own spice cabinet when I moved out, full of all the things I would need to make yummy curries, chutney, and korma.
 I still love the smell of spices and recently took a trip to a spice store here in LA and oh my goodness I was in heaven. I would have loved to have one of everything, but went home with a select few to add or replace to my spice cabinet. I even bookmarked their catalog when there was a spice or blend that seemed perfect to me for addition to RitualBath.

Spices have also helped me save a little on our grocery bill this week. Add some paprika, sage, oregano, cumin, peppers to a few cans of tomatoes, beans, and lentils and you have a veggie chili that won't have you missing the meat. I am also planing on having egg salad sandwiches (our local super market had the 18 count for .99cents!) and changing the flavor with different spices sprinkled on top.

Head Bather

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What happens when an old tee shirt meets a crafty lady?

Lots of new cloths for a toddler that's what! I spent most of yesterday sewing away, trying to make my scrap stash dissipate. There were tee shirts the hubby had spilled too much on or jeans that I could no longer mend or tank tops that just didn't do it for me anymore.

I knew I wanted to make lounge/jammie pants out of most of the tees for the kiddo, but there was an old calico skirt and some tanks that were the real conundrum. What to do with a tank when the kiddo is almost in 5t, there wasn't much fabric. Ruffle cuffed bloomers to the rescue!

 The pants turned out great and the kiddo now has more play cloths to run around in. I made a car blanket out of the old jeans, it's not pretty so it will not be photographed but it's exactly what I needed.

Oh and I just had to share, ever since teaching the kiddo to dress herself she knows what the front or back of an article of clothing is by it's "bum tag" so she doesn't go walking around backwards looking. I sewed an inch of pink bias tape on the back of each pair just so she knows what's what.

Love y'all,
Head Bather

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Did you know I have a little girl? Well I do and she loves skirts and dresses, no problem there, but she also love to run around and do things that make gravity flip said skirts and dresses. Now at home this is no problem, she could run around in underwear at home I don't care. In public there is a different code and under ware should stay under what you're wearing.

So the girl is getting bloomers and not just any bloomers but ruffled cuff bloomers.

She loved these floral ones from Romeo and Mae on Etsy.
So not what I would have chosen, the floral I mean. Oh mom loves bloomers too, just more toned down, layers of earth tones that's me. Though I will say the colors do have me dreaming of spring and that's not right it's barely winter. Oh well I have some lovely fabric that I will make into a winter coat so that will bring me round as I watch my girl flip and twirl in her ruffle bloomers.

Head Bather

Monday, November 8, 2010


I have been severely lax about blogging, it's true. I don't find much inspiration around my computer these days, until I launch my reader. Inside there are such wonders that make me remember that I am a creative soul and am happiest doing.

So today I will just give you a link to a project that I will be doing for my holiday decorations, or a least using it as a starting point. I may just have to use what I have on hand, since that's how I roll.

Check out the tutorial from Paper Crave.

But I will not be doing that today, oh no, today is sewing! I have saved old tees, jeans and other odds and ends to make the kiddo lounge pants, or picnic blankets or yoga bags. What ever it is I am sewing today, the craft room that is a jumble and hardly inspirational will be infused with my spirit. And I will not get out of my jammies. That is all.

Head Bather