Thursday, February 17, 2011

The best, I mean vest.

Sometimes I have the best of intentions, like when I decided to use my left over scraps of wedding dress material to create a vest.

It's not turning out too well.

I haven't given up, but here's a vest that is better. Though you would never know because I have only gotten her to wear it once.

She loved to model, but promptly took it off when I said I was done. Oh well.

I even tried to get her into it by including some of her favorite stitches, no go.

Eh well, it's cute anyway.

Head Bather

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I love my friends...

Not only do they all have great taste that ranges from the dark to day glow, but they are super supportive. Thank you to every single one of you!
Here is a gorgeous Etsy Treasury curated by one such friend, Than you MamaFiendish.
The more people that view the treasury and click it's items the greater it's ranking will be in the list of treasuries, giving myself and all the other artisans in this little gallery more chance of exposure.

Thank you,
Head Bather