Sunday, December 9, 2007

Garage sales

Have you noticed how personal it can be to have a garage sale? I know we are not like the ancient Egyptians we don't think we take it with us, but why is it hard to let go? So as you can guess we had a garage sale this Saturday (actually we piggy backed our neighbors we just threw some stuff together Saturday morning). Even though it is the holidays and people "need" gifts the turnout was less than stellar. I had my bath products out knowing that they probably wouldn't sell, garagesalers are looking for bargains not natural handmade items.So I began to wonder why the turnout is so low. Aside from the newspaper ad for my neighbor’s sale not having an address, there were signs everywhere and a post on craigslist.I started thinking that with the holidays fast approaching that everyone was at the malls. Then I began to think, we are so programmed to want the newest, biggest thing out there. Most of us in the demographic the marketers are interested in don't give a care about quality first; it is all about keeping up with the Jones'. So rather than roaming the garage sales to see what bargains they can score for less, and just as good, people go to get new stuff.Now I am not saying that we all only by reused things or keep the old always, I just think there needs to be a happy medium. For instance this holiday instead of running around the mall or web, for the two ladies I am making them personalized cloth grocery bags. I have already made myself some and they have mentioned how they like them, and they go to Whole Foods quite often. So this holiday they are getting appliqu├ęd cloth grocery bags, and maybe if I have time the small cloth ones that compact into a pouch you can hook onto your bag.So this holiday what have you gotten or given with the gift or person in mind and not just the hype?Bright Blessings from the Tub

P.S. Take some guidance from the Egyptians like Queen Cleopatra, pour two cups of whole milk powder into a warm tub add the essential oils (a few drops each) into the warm water. Soak in the softening properties of the milk and soothing aromas of the oil or oils. Affirm: I am worthy of this luxury, I deserve this time to myself, I am loved.

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