Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Guess what the hubby and I are dressed as for Halloween? After making the kiddo an avatar that was all I had the energy for.

Have a safe and fun weekend!

Head Bather

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


One of the healing methods I have been interested in for a long time is Ayurveda, It's a system of health through balance of the three humors or doshas. If there is imbalance in your doshas then illness or disease could follow, and imbalances can come from stress, environment, and diet to name a few.
Each of the three doshas is a combination of the five elements: Space/Spirit, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. You can be dominant in one dosha more than another or a balance between two. They are Vatha, Pitta, and Kapha, and each one has a body type that you can use to physically see what dosha you may be.
  • Vatha: Air and Spirit, is a slender frame, with dry, rough and possibly dark skin, with brown or black hair color (natural of course) small thin lips and dark eyes.
  • Pitta: Fire with some Water, is of a medium height with fair to reddish completion and hair, green to grayish eye color and an average size mouth.
  • Kapha: Mostly water with some Earth, is a larger frame, tends to be over weight, thick and pale oily skin, and strong white teeth behind a large mouth.

Your dosha or doshas can be out of balance just due to living your life and can be brought back in balance with yoga, breathing exercises, diet, (my favorite) massage, and ayurvedic medicine. You can also work on your chakra's to restore balance, I have found that guided meditations on CD to be very helpful to lead me through the process. There are even some free pod casts to download, though it had taken some hunting to find one that works for me.

I use this knowledge of my dosha to help me understand what types of food to eat (though I still have a hard time letting go of my breads) and what kind of skin care to use on my body. I have always known I felt better after a good yoga series and continue to use it to release tension and bring me back to center. Next time lets talk about what types of skin care your dosha craves, till then remember to breathe and drink your water.

Head Bather

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Comic relief Thursday

I needed a little comic relief today. Just one of those days, where everything gets on your nerves and you just need to laugh. So here is what made me laugh and bring back my smile.

Love, Laughter, and Light
Head Bather

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekly Wrap up

This past week has been a whirl wind of fun! We spent the first half of it in the Washington DC area for a wedding, and reunion with some college friends. Our daughter cut a rug at the reception in a last minute fabulous find dress, and my hubby took one for the team bruising his chest during the chair dance.

Some tips to share for traveling with toddlers: 
  1. Find an airline with a tv for each seat.
  2. The CARES harness system is FAA approved and so much easier than the car seat ( if you have to take the car seat, check it doesn't cost anything if you travel with a kid).
  3. Stroller them if you can check it at the boarding gate.
  4. Bring food but don't freak if a strict security checker makes you throw away the juice boxes (LAX let em through, IAD wouldn't makes me wonder if they would have let me keep the capri salad that I made for the trip out, it was so yummy). 

While traveling our schedule goes out the window, but we communicate with our kiddo at every step of the way. Before the trip we tell her what we might do or see, then during we take breaks, snack and talk about our adventures. While there she had her first experience riding a subway and learned how to behave, we taught her how to ride the escalator (staying on the right so others could pass on the left), how to ride standing without falling down, and what was an appropriate talking volume. Amazing what kids will enjoy, the huge dinosaurs in the Museum of Natural History not so much. It was the first trip where I was not itching to get home, I was glad to be back but I had so much fun hanging out with old friends and their families that I had begun to forget we are all scattered around the US.

Now back home, and the daily routines, clean house, laundry and the like are done for the week. I have uploaded and edited most of my new Zibbet store. I haven't upgraded to a premium account yet, that would give me the features I wanted that Etsy was lacking, like coupons and store discounts. I have purchased a book about the craft business and hope to finish it this weekend. This evening I am hosting a craft night with some lovely mama's and look forward to all the crafty fun that will bring. I have thoughts about making it a regular thing but with a theme, topic or project, who knows. Off to make homemade ricotta (thanks Mom) and get the house ready for guests.

What are you planning with the rest of your weekend?
Head Bather