Saturday, December 29, 2007


So I feel like I have successfully integrated technology into my life without being a slave to it (always answering the cell, or checking email more than the little one's diaper) but boy did I feel like a tool this week.
I have the store front on etsy ( and the Yahoo store ( however I totally fubared the yahoo one for a good couple of weeks and only today fixed it. It was of course the simplest of things, and it stemmed from my over abundant nature (insert "kiss" method here). I wanted to support the buy handmade movement I love, found them almost a year ago now and am so proud to be part of the pledge. I wanted to start a blog to get some extra info out there about my products, my outlooks and general detritus of my life. In adding those valuable links as well as another bath product I had completely wiped out all my other products posts (hand slapping forehead).
So this morning with a cup o coffee and some determination (mostly just common sense that I should have used in the beginning) I figured it out, added back my product, as well as a photo slide show to my blog (see it over there on the right). I was so proud and excited, the bambino just looked at me like I was some new toy, the hubby patted me on the back.
Just goes to prove knowing when to simplify is key, I don't have to do everything the hard way. Though I seem to do that first then scream, have a glass of wine and go back to the keep it simple stupid approach and reach my goal.
The moral of my story, use the "kiss" method and keep a bottle of wine handy (just in case).
Draining the tub,
Your Head Bather

Family Rituals

Every family has some sort of ritual or tradition, this is usually evident during the holiday season, but what happens when the old traditions are revamped?
While many traditions are such because they are consistent from year to year, our lives are ever evolving and so to are some of our traditions. When one crone leaves this world, the next in line begins to feel her absence and the need to begin their reign as the wise woman of the tribe. This may begin new traditions and rituals for the seasons. Change is good, but doesn't always feel good the first go round, everything takes practice.
Some family's have set traditions that year after year you could set a script to, there is some comfort in that. Winter was often a worrisome time for people, in the past it was worry about the next seasons crops or livestock. There is still some of that concern hard wired into us I think, having traditions or rituals makes us feel like there is something we can do to hedge our bets or give thanks to ensure prosperity to come.
What traditions do you have or wish to begin for your family?
My wish for next year that the traditions created this year will develop and thrive into something rich and joyful.
Thanks, Reflection, and Resetting this New Year,
Head Bather

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Season

This holiday season seems so strange, it hardly seems like Christmas. Much of the difference is this is our little one's first holiday so it should be full on, but it's not. We have up the tree and decorations, we have done most of the shopping, but this is the first night it has gotten cold enough to be considered "winter". Now that alarms most of us here at bath central, global warming here we come, or should I say "climate change" to be PC.
I know that it will be a joyous season but I just don't seem to be hearing the carols in my head.
Could be the stress of our day jobs (they have been hectic lately), or that we didn't go to any holiday parties this year. I finally took a soak and felt all the stresses; it was like a heavy weight on my heart that slowly melted into the water. I am truly looking forward to the coming days off to spend with the family and around the home.
That seems to be my favorite place lately, home. Sewing cloths for us, making holiday gifts, cooking awesome dinners, and trying to keep up with the weeds in my garden. Oh the hearth is where the heart lives.
Blessings to all this season.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Garage sales

Have you noticed how personal it can be to have a garage sale? I know we are not like the ancient Egyptians we don't think we take it with us, but why is it hard to let go? So as you can guess we had a garage sale this Saturday (actually we piggy backed our neighbors we just threw some stuff together Saturday morning). Even though it is the holidays and people "need" gifts the turnout was less than stellar. I had my bath products out knowing that they probably wouldn't sell, garagesalers are looking for bargains not natural handmade items.So I began to wonder why the turnout is so low. Aside from the newspaper ad for my neighbor’s sale not having an address, there were signs everywhere and a post on craigslist.I started thinking that with the holidays fast approaching that everyone was at the malls. Then I began to think, we are so programmed to want the newest, biggest thing out there. Most of us in the demographic the marketers are interested in don't give a care about quality first; it is all about keeping up with the Jones'. So rather than roaming the garage sales to see what bargains they can score for less, and just as good, people go to get new stuff.Now I am not saying that we all only by reused things or keep the old always, I just think there needs to be a happy medium. For instance this holiday instead of running around the mall or web, for the two ladies I am making them personalized cloth grocery bags. I have already made myself some and they have mentioned how they like them, and they go to Whole Foods quite often. So this holiday they are getting appliqu├ęd cloth grocery bags, and maybe if I have time the small cloth ones that compact into a pouch you can hook onto your bag.So this holiday what have you gotten or given with the gift or person in mind and not just the hype?Bright Blessings from the Tub

P.S. Take some guidance from the Egyptians like Queen Cleopatra, pour two cups of whole milk powder into a warm tub add the essential oils (a few drops each) into the warm water. Soak in the softening properties of the milk and soothing aromas of the oil or oils. Affirm: I am worthy of this luxury, I deserve this time to myself, I am loved.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Doing it all

Have you ever met someone that just had this long laundry list of things they are working on, as well as a job, kids, love life, and hobbies? Well that's me, I just cannot seem to stand too still, and I love it.
I love the feeling of creating, things, moments, relationships, messes; you name it I am a creator. I often want to get more done than the clock will allow, however the affirmation "there is always enough time" seems to help me get done just what is destined to be done. I know it sounds too simple for some and "ah duh" for others, but it works for me.
This week’s laundry list: Data entry for the day job (check as of today), paint my new cabinet for that kitchen by Saturday, real laundry, a birthday party ready home, rebuild website, create blog (check as of today), build bath kits, test new bath recipes, laugh, and love.
There is always time to make a list but did you take the time to enjoy a moment today?

My moment of the day: Teenagers working together as a creative group of individuals, they just glow.