Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's time to move along

In the seven years of RitualBath, I have met some amazing artists, business people and participated in great shows.

After months of careful consideration I have come to a decision to close RitualBath.

There are many reasons, some are business related (I have learned more about trademark law in the last few months than ever before, thanks Heather and Lela) and some are personal (my heart isn’t in it). I still think I will create balms and potions for myself and my extended family but it is no longer a sustainable business for me to supplement my family.

I learned that I do love the people connection and I am not quite as introverted as I thought I was, though still no extrovert. That is probably what started this, I love to teach, and talk to people. I keep going back to sewing and fiber arts, what I did when I procrastinated or should have been marketing RitualBath. Maybe one day I will have an education/studio/store who knows, I am letting go and lightening up.

So for the next few weeks I will be closing out my stock. Keep in mind that this in no way reflects quality and I will not restock. I have too much respect for my fellow indie beauty and bath peers to keep this pricing up for long. We all put hard work and quality materials in our products so please give them your shopping support in the future.

Thank you for everything,
Lauren D