Friday, October 24, 2008

Earth, and other things...

Well it is finally feeling like fall here in So-Cal, some of the leaves have changed colors. Though I know for some of you that are in northern climates are seeing some amazing colors, it is still more than this Florida girl is used to. Every where I look there a "fall festivals" or pumpkin patches around here, from the smallest pumpkin purveyor with a bounce house to the large farm set-ups that have corn mazes and all sorts of diversions. We even saw Becks and Posh at one such festival, entourage and all. It was great the guy running the carousel ran it twice for us and the misters kept us somewhat cooled off. We have been to about three or four so far and I gotta say it's nice to celebrate fall so much.
My bath products are just about labeled and ready for the show on November 8th, The Holiday Hotness Bazaar. The apothecary cabinet is full of products from large to small, everything for the gift giving season. Now I just need to remember to photograph it all for the websites so that anyone can pamper themselves. My happy accident from before has turned into "Earth" a sugar scrub. When I smell it I am transported to a lush, warm forest. Well I should go get to work labeling everything so I will sign off and get to work.
Check back later for photos of all my hard work.

Diving into the deep end,
Head bather

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy accidents and Holiday Hottness Bazare

We I am proud to announce that I will be participating the first annual Holiday Hotness Bazaar here in LA. Many hip local designers will be there selling their creations for the holiday season. What better way to spread your love to friends and family than to support local crafter's and artisans. Not to mention the feeling of knowing exactly where your products are coming from and attaching a person to that process. Hope you can make it if you are local!
So I have been preparing all my recipes for this sale and decided to adjust on of my recipes in one of my scrubs. Its a good recipe but it definitely changed the scrub so I have created a new item! The scrub is made primarily of sugar and some lovely nut oils, but the thing that changed it the most was the sea clay added to it. It has yet to be named but it is defiantly and earth mother creation, looks like earth and has a lovely herbaceous subtle scent. I just used it on my face (which is the ultimate sensitivity test for me) and my face feels like a baby's butt, perfectly conditioned and exfoliated. I can't wait to premier it at the show!

Going to jar my creations,
Head Bather