Saturday, October 29, 2011

Colette sewing book on amazon

I have sewn her patterns and love them, well designed, well written, and the fit is amazing. Definitely adding to my wish list for the holidays. Many best wishes to Sarai and the team at Colette patterns!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY Costumes

Stilt Creaturelike a TRON prom dresshalloween pirahna plant darkhelmetAwesome homemade halloween costumetweedle dee tweedle dum 14 5 2011Holly In Halloween Costume
P1070071CCrvCBUgly Doll Halloween CostumeCory and Jess in their rad homemade costumes.Halloween 2010Halloween 2010Hail, Baby Caesar
Rubik's Cube CostumeThe Avatar girlCharle as MaxIMG_0039Christmas Tree Halloween CostumeBat costume - 01

DIY Costumes, a gallery by U.S. Yahoo! Editorial on Flickr.

Some great ideas and my little kid's from last year.
Happy Halloween!
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do you plan a menu, would you?

Open publication - Free publishing - More food

Do you need recipes for this weeks menu, how about some vegetarian options?
Check out Chickpea magazine, I am one of the lovely bath and beauty lines featured in their product section.
Beautiful recipes, photos and stories.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sewing tips

  • Wind multiple bobbins to start a project. Or just use white or black bobbin thread.
  • If you are designing something with small pieces (like quilts or fiber art) warm and natural batting tacked to your wall makes for a great design board. Cotton fabric just sticks to it.
  • Thread snips are a great tool, even better if you can wear them around your neck to trim seam tails.
  • Boxes of organized notions. I have one with zippers, another one with buttons and fasteners, and another with piping, elastic and seam binding tape. I have them on a shelf over my head when I am at my sewing machine.
Vintage sewing kit at MmeRubys on Etsy

  • Boxes or shelves of fabric by kind. I have large opaque bins with labels on them like, Shirting, Quilting, Upholstery, Suiting, and Knits. Yes I have that much fabric.
  • Patterns organized by top or bottom, dress, kids, mens or sportswear ensembles.
Things will get messy every now an then, that's when it's time to reset your room and see if some organizational tool isn't working for you (you find it difficult to accomplish, not just that you hate cleaning up, cause lets face it you have to clean up every now an again when you are creative). I thought having my bins on a book shelf next to my sewing machine would work but it didn't, I had to put up a wall shelf above my sewing table and now it's much more fluid and usable.
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beauty Face Scrub

Once upon a time I had different labels and a product called Earth Face scrub. Earth line is designed to be closer to the earth, woody, and grounding. When I designed it every line had a scrub so Earth got one too, it was sugar and dead sea clay with some very earthy essential oils.

Then I discovered Beauty Face wash, and a facial line was born. It only made sense that it should have a scrub, and I needed a scrub for my skin. So I switched it.

Beauty Face Scrub is a version of what was Earth Face Scrub. I have lowered the oil and wax content because the previous formulation was just too moisturizing.

Now Beauty Face Scrub cleanse off dead skin, dirt and makeup with sugar, dead sea clay and the clarifying oils of cypress and rosemary. It feels like velvet sand, soft but grainy. I used it last night, it left my face feeling soft and lightly moisturized.

I'm so happy to have it back.
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