Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bare Escentuals to open an outlet

Well this might be good news for my Sister and I, hey at least it is half way between the two of us.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The waves keep rolling and so do we...

Well amidst the house hunting drama, my DH decided that maybe renting a more cost effective place was the answer, you know we save some money for an eventual down payment. Crazy how luck works, in the span of twenty four hours we found a place, looked at it, and signed a lease. It's a bit larger than what we have now, and more cost effective. Then the craziness in sued since our current lease ends the first of June, and we had arranged to move into the new place on the seventh, after a family weekend.
Weeehhllll, that didn't add up, so we called both landlords made arrangements and bought some boxes. Hopefully we have booked movers for the twenty ninth (yeah next Friday) by now and we will move all big stuff that day and any little things left can be moved by the fourth in our cars. DH made some great checklists that have been helping me get things accomplished and keep me from being overwhelmed. So wish us luck this is the fastest move we have ever had to accomplish.

Going to get my Gypsy wagon hitched,
Head Bather

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rough seas people!

Well I must say life is never boring and this month has been proof of that. We have been renting a place for a year this June and since our lease is up and housing prices are down we thought we would look for a house. Sounds reasonable right, we have a little cash to put down, but not enough in this crazy market. The news says there are a ton of REOs and that sounded good too, since our price range is still much lower than the average cost of living in CA (It's hard to reconcile double the price when it's not better than what we had in FL, with worse schools) but we are trying to adjust.
Due to our financials we are trying to purchase a house under three hundred thousand and with an FHA loan, but in that is another problem. FHA regulations are strict and should be, but many of the houses that have been foreclosed on in our price range are picked clean of "essentials" or "remodeled" without permits. In case you didn't know essentials are things that are necessary to habitat like water heaters, or air handlers, but recessed lighting and sinks come on! The remodeled problem is crazy we had a 911 emergency when my little one was locked into one of these bedroom "remodels". They wham bam thank you Mame turned the living room into two bedrooms smaller than some walk in closets and a wall that went through a window. So now folks are crawling out of the woodwork to offer over asking price for these places, and many are going to be picked up by investors, again, and they will try to hold on to them until the market comes back. And the cycle begins again.

Stay tuned for more as we move at the end of the month to a new apartment,
Head Bather

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Recycled fabric and notions

Well I guess I have good taste, cause what I thought was a fix to a lack of matching fabric/empty wallet has become one of the most requested projects from my friends and family. Now I must give credit where it's due, Amy Butler designed this lovely messenger bag called the High Street bag, and since I love her and messenger bags I had to have it. I promptly went to cutting the pattern out and realized that I didn't have any matching upholstery fabrics (boo) ok fabric shopping (yeah) wait no money (boo), and I must have this made for an upcoming trip to visit the fam in FL. What to do, what to do!?

What any self respecting fabric addict would do, check your stash and begin matching up according to a color or theme. So out came the mustard yellow rubber backed brocade from some little thrift shop find, and zippers from the decade when I was born. Seriously I pick up all sorts of stuff at the thrift shops. Now I was proud of my creation but didn't think it was all that special, it was just a bag that would work as a diaper/purse while racing thru the ATL airport with a toddler to get to my next flight. To my surprise it caught the eye of my best bud (who may get one one day ;) and my sister, both of whom have excellent taste though very different from my own. Now back home and wishing to give a dear friend something for her soon to be here babe, I head back to my fabric stash and I have come up with this treasure. Salvaged french fabric that had been curtains, upholstery swatches and over sized zippers cut down to size. I hope she likes it as much as I do!

Covering the sewing machine,
Head Bather

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


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The pictures from Unique Los Angeles were just posted on flickr, here is one of two pictures of me and my booth. Thanks for a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Handmade Housewares on Etsy - Feel Good pill bottle - Aqua by LoucheLab

Handmade Housewares on Etsy - Feel Good pill bottle - Aqua by LoucheLab
Somedays you need to surround yourself with beautiful things and what better way than in your daily vitamins. I have always loved amber glass bottles (the old apothicary thing) and these cute bottles reminde me of the days of house calls and compounding pharmacys. Check out their ceramics as well very cheery and spring like.

Head Bather

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ahh a clean house

Say what you must about a house cleaning, it sucks but it is necessary. I spent the entire day cleaning up after letting it slip while getting ready for the show. Now my floors are clean, counters shiny and I feel refreshed. It's amazing how a clean house (whether you do it yourself or not) helps your outlook, everything is possible. In honor of that I found this great store on etsy wlrehab, also known as Under the Bodhi Tree Designs They have this great kit of cleaning supplies, and it comes with more recipes! Check it out they also support an animal rehab shelter and make amazing cloths. Get clean and green!

Sitting down to a cup of tea,
Head Bather

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Come and Join Me!

I am getting ready to leave and wanted to share with you all the amazing show I am working this weekend Unique LA I did a quick lap last night after I set up and there are so many great vendors and artists. If you are in the Los Angeles area you have to come check it out!

Off to take a bath,
Head Bather