Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What happens when an old tee shirt meets a crafty lady?

Lots of new cloths for a toddler that's what! I spent most of yesterday sewing away, trying to make my scrap stash dissipate. There were tee shirts the hubby had spilled too much on or jeans that I could no longer mend or tank tops that just didn't do it for me anymore.

I knew I wanted to make lounge/jammie pants out of most of the tees for the kiddo, but there was an old calico skirt and some tanks that were the real conundrum. What to do with a tank when the kiddo is almost in 5t, there wasn't much fabric. Ruffle cuffed bloomers to the rescue!

 The pants turned out great and the kiddo now has more play cloths to run around in. I made a car blanket out of the old jeans, it's not pretty so it will not be photographed but it's exactly what I needed.

Oh and I just had to share, ever since teaching the kiddo to dress herself she knows what the front or back of an article of clothing is by it's "bum tag" so she doesn't go walking around backwards looking. I sewed an inch of pink bias tape on the back of each pair just so she knows what's what.

Love y'all,
Head Bather

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  1. these are the cutest pants ever! I love the pics too, looks like she really loves modeling them for her momma!