Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Did you know I have a little girl? Well I do and she loves skirts and dresses, no problem there, but she also love to run around and do things that make gravity flip said skirts and dresses. Now at home this is no problem, she could run around in underwear at home I don't care. In public there is a different code and under ware should stay under what you're wearing.

So the girl is getting bloomers and not just any bloomers but ruffled cuff bloomers.

She loved these floral ones from Romeo and Mae on Etsy.
So not what I would have chosen, the floral I mean. Oh mom loves bloomers too, just more toned down, layers of earth tones that's me. Though I will say the colors do have me dreaming of spring and that's not right it's barely winter. Oh well I have some lovely fabric that I will make into a winter coat so that will bring me round as I watch my girl flip and twirl in her ruffle bloomers.

Head Bather

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