Monday, November 8, 2010


I have been severely lax about blogging, it's true. I don't find much inspiration around my computer these days, until I launch my reader. Inside there are such wonders that make me remember that I am a creative soul and am happiest doing.

So today I will just give you a link to a project that I will be doing for my holiday decorations, or a least using it as a starting point. I may just have to use what I have on hand, since that's how I roll.

Check out the tutorial from Paper Crave.

But I will not be doing that today, oh no, today is sewing! I have saved old tees, jeans and other odds and ends to make the kiddo lounge pants, or picnic blankets or yoga bags. What ever it is I am sewing today, the craft room that is a jumble and hardly inspirational will be infused with my spirit. And I will not get out of my jammies. That is all.

Head Bather

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