Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have always been attracted all things Indian. I think it started when my mother began cooking Indian food, all the spices were very interesting to me. Guess it goes with my herbalist tenancies, all the interesting seed pods, and ground herbs that tickle the senses. I even got my very own spice cabinet when I moved out, full of all the things I would need to make yummy curries, chutney, and korma.
 I still love the smell of spices and recently took a trip to a spice store here in LA and oh my goodness I was in heaven. I would have loved to have one of everything, but went home with a select few to add or replace to my spice cabinet. I even bookmarked their catalog when there was a spice or blend that seemed perfect to me for addition to RitualBath.

Spices have also helped me save a little on our grocery bill this week. Add some paprika, sage, oregano, cumin, peppers to a few cans of tomatoes, beans, and lentils and you have a veggie chili that won't have you missing the meat. I am also planing on having egg salad sandwiches (our local super market had the 18 count for .99cents!) and changing the flavor with different spices sprinkled on top.

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