Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mustard do you like it on your sandwich, how bout your feet?

Here in "Sunny" So Cal, we are basking in the first few rays of sun after almost a week of rainy weather. I know some of you think that's not bad, and I would agree if I didn't have a couped up two year old, but this post is for all of us with cold wet weather.
We spent most of Sunday in the rain, our feet staying wet and cold. When we got home we all were feeling a little off, so down went all the vitamins and greens we could stand. I was reminded though of an old practice that also helps ward off the colds, a mustard foot bath. Yeah I know could be messy, but oh so worth it. So put a towel on your floor, find a pair of your warmest socks and a tub that will fit your feet, heat up about a gallon of water on your stove or microwave, and just before boiling add two heaping tablespoons of ground mustard. NOW WAIT, I want to remind you to wait until the water is cool enough not to burn you, but it should be just as hot as you can stand. Once it is the right temperature for you add your feet, and sit there soaking your feet for about ten minutes or less. Take your feet out and towel dry, put those warm socks on and get comfy you might just nod off then and there.

Staying warm,
Head Bather

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