Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Marketing Genius

Well the fam and I spent the early morning on an adventure or a moment in pop culture. Some of you may have heard about a national dinner chain giving away a free signature breakfast to anyone who showed up at their stores. Well heaven forbid we pass up pancakes (which I don't make often), eggs, bacon and sausage for free (the kid and I are carnivores so it really is a good deal with the price of breakfast meats).
Now I don't know what kind of money this marketing took and what the return will be, with the TV spots, print and the cost of food they were giving away, but the place was packed! The closest I have come to seeing it that packed with people waiting outside was when all the local high schools in my smallish hometown had a dance the same night.
There was a fairly even display of Americana, teenagers (skipping first periods) moms with their kids, business people, construction people, retirees, servicemen, and most everyone was fairly amicable. The line moved quickly we only waited for twenty minutes or so, and the service was pretty straight forward, you got a drink and the deal, then you were out. Or at least we were.
I was told that it was a way to remind people of the great value they have and to get them into the store to receive coupons for future purchases. I think it was a fabulous idea, what a way to get people in the door, I just wonder if it make them want to come back?

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