Thursday, February 5, 2009

The oldest facial cleanser in the world

Back in the second century Greek physician named Galen created many healing ointments while tending to the gladiators one of them was our beloved cold cream. Originally it was only olive oil, beeswax, water and rose petals, it was called cold cream because when the water ingredient evaporated it created a cooling sensation. This emulsion softened skin,conditioned it, and gave you a subtle aromatherapy treatment. There has even been a poem written about the virtues of cold cream credited to "Dr.Russell" here is a portion:
Whoe'er with this cream shall her countenance smear,
All redness and roughness will strait disappear,
And the skin to a wonder be charmingly clear;
If pimples arise, this will take them away;
If the small-pox should mark you, those marks will decay;
Over the many years of use and change in ingredients it still remains on the shelves of our drugstores for purchase. Many are most familiar with Ponds (still the top seller) or Noxzema cleansing cream, these can be wiped off with a tissue or washcloth.
I personally like using a warm wash cloth it heats up the essential oils in my cold cream and gives me a touch of exfoliation. I don't know that I will ever buy a face wash again, I love how my skin feels after washing now, and my minor crows feet have softened. It is in my mind better for my skin with all natural nut oils, essential oils, distilled water and a touch of borax (to give it that creamy color) than some of my other options . I have been so impressed with this personal experiment I should go make more now.

Whipping the cream,
Head Bather

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