Sunday, December 7, 2008

Craft show afterglow

So I have just completed a whirl wind couple of months doing my first craft shows in my new home turf, and they were outstanding. Each one had it own flavor and flair and all were successful for me. There are so many new friends and vendors to list here so stay tuned I will be featuring some of my faves in the coming weeks. The great team at Ghetto Gloss are still hosting shows each weekend so if you get a chance check them out in Silverlake. I just finished the Bust Craftacular which was fabulous tons of great stuff and people to chat with. If you want to check out who was there just go to the Bust magazine website and check out the LA craftacular vendor list list and shop till you drop, I know I did. I didn't even get to watch my SNL, and had to stop my fam on the east coast from ruining it as we chatted after the Craftacular so for those of you who missed it here is my new favorite song.
Soaking my feet in the tub,
Head Bather


  1. I stopped by your booth yesterday, and I LOVED all your stuff! I'm quite happy with my purchases. You were definitely the most popular booth the entire time I was at the Craftacular, I had to make three passes before I could even get in to see what you were selling. =)

  2. Thanks, I had a blast at the show. Great people and good music, I blinked and it was time to go home. It is alway great to hear that others like what you are passionate about.