Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Extream Homeade Escargot, and winter veggi

I loved growing my own turnips, greens, radishes and other things in my "yarden" in FL, but here in CA I have a nemesis to all my best intentions, the Brown snail. Now I come from a family who values the culinary treat known as escargot, so I felt guilty at first with my desire to destroy what has graced my dinner plate in the past. Not anymore, my cauliflower has been reduced to Green twigs, the loose leaf lettuces are beginning to look the same, and I have still not had one of my own eggplants. So last night I went out with a flash light and a bucket and collected the little and big buggers, but decided to throw them away instead of squishing or cleaning for a later dinner. Before you gag too much remember these are the same animals you buy in the can at the store, but to eat the garden variety you have to clean them for two weeks by feeding them things like corn meal, flower and lettuce. While I am adventurous enough to have tried this, (I mean hell I have eaten wild boar that my DH took down back in FL) I just don't have the time/space right now.
While my own gardening attempts have been fruitless the Thousand Oaks farmers market has been a great find for all sorts of edibles. The latest has been colorful cauliflower, and why not science has shown that the more colorful the more vitamins and nutrients. So while I don't know if it was a genetically engineered or some old cultivar I went ahead and bought a head of purple and yellow cauliflower. They were delish and pretty I highly recommend it.
And now I head out with flashlight and bucket to stake my claim to my winter veg...sorry Mom but I doubt they would ship well.
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