Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The new mini kit!

So I realized many of us may not have time for a whole bath ritual during this busy season, though I still highly recommend it before that holiday party or family affair to get you in the mood. In my first apartment I was lucky enough to have a room with an adjoining bathroom (meant that at every party it was the communal bathroom but whatever) so before just about every party (or at least the ones I remember being especially fun) I took a ritual bath. I would soak in the tub with homemade bath salts or something bubbly with just candles lit and nice music, and then take my time getting ready for the event. But as we get older and add more things into our lives, from jobs, to significant others, to kids, time to yourself becomes a thing that you will get to after you do xyz. As that becomes your life sometimes a hot shower can be just as rejuvenating as a hot soak, so for that I have created a smaller Ritual Bath kit perfect for you. The three items you need for a quickie ritual, the face mask which you could apply before getting in the shower, a paraben free shower gel to cleanse and scent the air for a brief aromatherapy treatment, and lastly the moisturizer from a lighter body lotion to the more rich body butter. I am very excited about them I hope you are too. The perfect office gift or stocking stuffer will only be available for the holiday season, get yours today!
Love, Laughter and Light,
Head Bather

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