Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I was due...

I have just recovered from a migraine attack, when I say attack I mean a three day assault. Could have been the chocolate overload or the mom's night out or that I haven't had one that "good" in a while. I must say most Rx's don't do anything but dull or sedate the pain or me, so I have stuck to the over the counter pain remedies for a few years and one of my concoctions. Anyone who has had migraines may tell you that a dark cool room is just the thing, and they are right. My bedroom and living room have very well lined draperies just for such occasions, they kept me in a constant state of twilight. This helped but the right side of my melon still felt like there were small construction workers breaking up the bone of my skull like an old concrete driveway. Cold also helps and since I had run out of one of the key ingredients in my headache concoction I settled for a damp towel to the head. The last and first thing is my all around cure all lavender oil applied directly to where it hurt. I would have mixed it with some peppermint but was all out, that usually provides the cool for a good amount of time.
Now I am happy to simply feel a dull ache occasionally or some disjointed head feeling. So I am back from the bed and headed to the tub.

Love always,
Head bather

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