Friday, September 12, 2008

A woman in office...

So we are embarking on a part of history this season marks an election that will be remembered no mater what "color" gets into the white house. On one hand we have the first African American, and on the other the first woman in the "off white house" (my word for the vp's house). We have seen coverage after coverage on each sides experience and the latest was about Palin and how she would handle her first one on one with the press. Now I don't agree with allot of her positions or McCain's but I have to say the press could have done better.
For starters they (the press) are in a business concerned with selling their networks so they have to make their time on air riveting, but to be "fair and balanced" where was the one on one with the other vp candidate?
I know there isn't as much controversy over Biden as a vp and maybe that's because of his experience, fine, but how about each vp being interviewed at the same time with the same questions. I mean who but those in the loop of presidential coverage could have given the correct answer to "what is the Bush doctrine", and even then it apparently wasn't a well used term. I don't think that the press is completely biased to the Obama campaign (even though SNL did parody it, oh and where is Tina Fey to play Palin? get on it girl!) however I do think it is harder work for the American public to stay honest about the candidates on both sides. We have networks who are more concerned with ad revenue than honest journalism, and a public that only sees colors or sex if they trust the politicians enough to even pay attention.
So there is my two cents, I will go back to being creative now.
Oh and yes I did register to vote!

Going to fill the tub to relax,
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