Saturday, November 15, 2008

Checking in...

So it has been a while so let me catch you up...

I was part of a craft show (my first ever) it went very well for me and I met lots of great folks some of whom I only new as an email address until then. Great to put a name to an actual face, you all made me feel very welcome. Found a companion for sales and shows who will also be selling her products through Ritual Bath until her business is set up. It is great to have someone who is excited and interested as much as I am about bath products. We took a day off, then started applying to new shows the next one is in Silverlake with the boutique Ghetto Gloss on the 29th.

Went to the famous Roxy and saw a great show "Grace Potter and the Nocturnals" really enjoyed her and the guys, she will definitely be rocking my ipod. Then I got the plague (or just a bad cold at the same time as my toddler, you say tomatoes I say toematoes) and have only now begun to be aware of my surroundings. I swear there were elves that made all this mess, I can't believe I was that much of a slob for two days. =P

So I am back and getting better, stay tuned for more updates I have lots to talk about.

xoxo (opps maybe I should keep my germs to my self) ~WAVE~

Head Bather

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