Monday, August 25, 2008


So I recently threw out my back (motherhood has many blessings, tight abs not one of them) lifting some of our boxes that have yet to be unpacked. This is not unusual for me; I have had back injuries before and have tried many things to relieve my pain. Creams and patches cool me down but the ache is still there, drugs just made me sleepy which I woke from in more pain from not moving, but this time I made a bath concoction. Now I only did this the one time and the feelings lasted for a few hours but they were great hours, and want to try it again soon.

First I put the little one down for a nap (essential step), and began to brew some seaweed tea (any type you might have in the pantry for soups and such) boiling water and steep for 20 to 30 min. Then I made a bath teabag of chamomile and lavender to throw in while the tub was filling. As I filled the tub I dropped in the tea bag, poured in Epsom salts (a cup or two), and poured in the seaweed tea (without the now slimy seaweed). It smelled of the ocean but felt wonderful to soak in for twenty minutes, which is the most you should be in a warm bath. I carefully got out of the tub and my back felt great, though I didn’t and wouldn’t go out and try to lift anything. Granted the next day my back still hurt but I was happy for a few hours and I didn’t smell like menthol.
Feel free to try your own mermaid soak and have daydreams of the sea. Let me know how you made it your own ritual bath.

Sitting up out of the bath,
Head bather

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