Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Ritual

So RitualBath has landed in the lovely state of California. The weather is beautiful, the landscape is vibrant and full of vegetation (which I am told is somewhat rare), and the traffic has not been as horrible as many say (remember I had to deal with I-4 in Central FL for about ten years).

Since arriving I have felt very creative and explorative, and since I do not have my kitchen lab set up yet I have been exploring one of my other loves: Beads. It is not like I had to go out to find supplies, I have more than enough stock piled and it has been soothing to revisit something that has brought me such solace in the past.

So without further a due I introduce RitualJewels! The line begins with my Goddess necklaces, each with a Goddess in mind by color and design. They also have a pocket to stash small trinkets, aromatherapy or anything else you might want to wear around your neck. These are a work in progress so keep an eye out for more from my newest and oldest venture.

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