Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More jewels

Well as I continue to work out of a smaller space I have found more things to create. I have started with earrings with cute two person names (you have two ears after all). Dangling earrings with semiprecious stones, glass beads, crystals all designed to give your ears a little love. I have also continues to create artist trading cards as one of a kind art. Some are pencil others are watercolor, all signed dated and will never be created again.

I miss all my bath products I only have body butter and it is getting to warm here to have so heavy of a lotion, I miss my balanced line body lotion. I would create more but my blender and all my utensils are in storage. I will survive for now, hope you will to. Enjoy the pretties in the meantime.

Wishing Laughter, Love and Light,

Head Bather

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