Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Amber and the scent

Amber I love it, I have had jewelry with amber in it since my teen years and my first explorations
into personal scents were amber based. It is something I have been drawn to on a primal level
that I cannot explain. Whatever it is I love my amber, I hope you do too.
Me working on a teething necklace

I was asked about the scent amber (my infant is currently wearing an amber teething necklace
and this sparked a conversation) and it is one of my favorite scent elements (tuscany was my
first perfume and the amber romance from VS was a fave before I found my love of essential
oils) I knew the scent had something to do with whales and the jewelry was tree resin but I
wanted to know more.
 Amber the jewelry component, fossilized tree resin was sometimes used in incense burning in
ancient China. Though it did produce some small amount of oil during the burning process it was
not generally used in perfume. Ambergris is another waxy substance from the intestines of the
Sperm Whale and was also used as incense and perfume in ancient times. Both could be found
washed up on the shore but because of Ambers properties it was easily polished and carved
and became ornamental jewelry and the scent of amber today is most often a copy of what
Ambergris must have smelled like.
Today most amber scents are a combination of things like labdanum and other essential oils.
Sometimes the scent is synthetically made to mimic Ambergris, those I try to shy away from,
sometimes synthetics give me a headache. Amber the “stone” is thought to bring healing and is
one of the only stones to be warm to the touch. When rubbed it can also hold a negative ion
charge, how cool is that?!

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