Tuesday, August 20, 2013


My RitualBath products are designed around my desire for a more natural bathing experience and my love of affirmations. What are affirmations some might ask, they are positive self affirming statements spoken aloud, whispered or written with the goal of bettering our internal monologue. They were first introduced by French psychologist Emile CouĂ© in the 20's and have been going strong in the self help realm for decades.

Do they work?

In an article from Psychology Today they discuss recent research into this practice. Some believers in affirmations claim that when put to conscious use they strengthen the chemical pathways in the brain. Making it more likely to transmit the same message again. New research from Carnegie Mellon was also discussed, it showed the first evidence that positive affirmations can protect against the damaging effects of stress. So the research points to yes they have a beneficial response to the brain, though it also found that statements too far from the individual's truth seemed to have an opposite effect.

"And gosh darn it people like me"

I have often used positive affirmations in my daily life from the calming "there is enough time" when I think I'm running late, to common "this too shall pass" when things get tops turvy. I find for me day to day the shorter the better. My first RitualBath affirmation is from the Balance line and it is still my favorite "I am a strong unique, creative individual and I can excel at whatever life has in store for me".
What affirmations do you tell yourself? The negative ones will always be there just imagine them as little clouds that float in and out of your mind's horizon and let them float away as you repeat your positive affirmations.

Sending a little light your way,

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