Saturday, June 2, 2012

Auto travel for your family

Summer time is coming, for many that can mean family trips and excursions away from home. This is our last summer before the start of school for our little one and I hope we get good use of it. Here are some tips and games that have gotten us through long car rides (that is if your child or children like the car) and some fairly decent air travel.

We made up a game called PT Cruiser (instead of punch buggy) fireball, when ever someone sees a PT cruiser on the road or parked the first person to say "PT Cruiser Fireball" gets to choose who they imaginary fire ball gets thrown at, and that person (in a most dramatic way says "NOOooooooooo"). This could be altered for whatever make and model you like (we are just attached to our PT, and there are quite a few of them on the road here). The game keeps the kiddo's eyes active on the world around her and teaches her about good sportsman ship, sometimes you throw the fire ball, some times you don't but we can all have a good time and keep trying.

A small shoe size box with activity/coloring book and some small markers or crayons have helped make a LA commute not so terrible for the kiddo. The box keeps everything from rolling under the seats and accessible by almost everyone.

On long trips the ipod touch has been a life saver! A bit pricey I know but the amount of free PBS kids shows, and app games are that extra little bit of balm for a kid who's been in the car for more than three hours. We even bought a movie we already own and she has watched it off and on for the last two years. I haven't even mentioned how you can use the camera feature yet!

Stay tuned for the Air travel tips!
Head Bather

P.S. While we don't need it anymore one of my friends always has a small travel kiddie toilet in her vehicle. She has plastic baggies or something to deal with the "deposit" and it makes it so much easier on a long trip if your little one has to go NOW! Other tip is "Nature pee", gently stand on their toes and hold their hand while they squat back as you would. They aren't as balanced as we are so from about two to five or so we have used this method while out in "nature" and haven't had a problem.

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