Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Foundation that works, with a conscience

I have been on the search for a liquid or cream foundation for a while now, some have been fine but the wrong shade, others didn't agree with my skin. We are all different after all and our skin tends to adjust its needs with the seasons.

While wandering around Sephora on my birthday, just to play with all the pretty colors, a lovely young woman who worked there asked if she could help me. I usually just say "no thank you" but she said the magic words "would you like me to freshen up your makeup for your birthday?".

How could I refuse, I love to feel pretty and pampered.

They were doing a promotion for a new line in their stores by Josie Maran. The tag line is "luxury with a conscience" she uses Argan oil in many of her formulations. Famed for its multiple uses as a skin and hair oil, it is called "liquid gold" and has a very high Vitamin E content.

The foundation she used on my face was a light/medium color matching serum formula that changed from white to the best match for your skin tone. It's SPF 30 and wears like a dream, I have less dry patches and no oil slicks by the end of the day. I tried the pressed powderconcealer, moisturizer, and bronzing oil which were all outstanding.

After my make over (which was pretty and subtle) I though; splurge on foundation or moisturizer (I was in no way compensated for this review, I just wanted to let you know I found something I think is great). I choose the foundation and I have been using it regularly for the last few weeks. My face loves it, less redness and breakouts. Win win.

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