Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beauty Face Scrub

Once upon a time I had different labels and a product called Earth Face scrub. Earth line is designed to be closer to the earth, woody, and grounding. When I designed it every line had a scrub so Earth got one too, it was sugar and dead sea clay with some very earthy essential oils.

Then I discovered Beauty Face wash, and a facial line was born. It only made sense that it should have a scrub, and I needed a scrub for my skin. So I switched it.

Beauty Face Scrub is a version of what was Earth Face Scrub. I have lowered the oil and wax content because the previous formulation was just too moisturizing.

Now Beauty Face Scrub cleanse off dead skin, dirt and makeup with sugar, dead sea clay and the clarifying oils of cypress and rosemary. It feels like velvet sand, soft but grainy. I used it last night, it left my face feeling soft and lightly moisturized.

I'm so happy to have it back.
Head Bather

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