Thursday, May 21, 2009

The waves keep rolling and so do we...

Well amidst the house hunting drama, my DH decided that maybe renting a more cost effective place was the answer, you know we save some money for an eventual down payment. Crazy how luck works, in the span of twenty four hours we found a place, looked at it, and signed a lease. It's a bit larger than what we have now, and more cost effective. Then the craziness in sued since our current lease ends the first of June, and we had arranged to move into the new place on the seventh, after a family weekend.
Weeehhllll, that didn't add up, so we called both landlords made arrangements and bought some boxes. Hopefully we have booked movers for the twenty ninth (yeah next Friday) by now and we will move all big stuff that day and any little things left can be moved by the fourth in our cars. DH made some great checklists that have been helping me get things accomplished and keep me from being overwhelmed. So wish us luck this is the fastest move we have ever had to accomplish.

Going to get my Gypsy wagon hitched,
Head Bather

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