Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here we grow again...

I have replanted, in many ways. We left behind a beautiful "yarden" in FL where around this time the aphids and ladybugs should be in full swarm. Well I have replanted our garden, in a way. We don't have a yard but we do have patios that even have small beds around the walls and in between the cement slabs. So a few weeks ago I got to planting and seeding every available space that I had, and I am now proud to say that everyone is sprouting and growing well. Oh and I am not done yet. I have wall space that I want to put window boxes up on for shallow rooted plants like lettuce or herbs. It is very exciting to see what is sprouting up next, yesterday it was corn, today it is the "Bolivian fat ass" pepper seeds a friend gave us. That is just one of our patios there are still two more to plant and plan. Just think, no yard but fresh veggies as the seasons go, pretty good trade off for me, I never did like mowing the lawn.

Scrubbing the dirt from my nails,

Head Bather

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