Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This is Love not Lust

Well it is taking more time than I would like to get my new Love products just right. So far I do have the scent down and the sugar scrub, which looks a lovely shade of pink thanks to the jojoba beads in it. I am rethinking the moisturizing portion of the kit, should it be a lotion, body butter or body butter bar? So many choices and so little time.

I have the feeling I need to get these recipes done before the little one begins walking (which looks like it may be soon). I will have photos soon but have to wait for the light, which may have take place this weekend since I am at the day job during the week.

While I work hard for this next line why don't you check out my Ritual-Bath merchandise at

If you are in the Central Florida area check out the great store Cottage Industry Co-Op on Edgewater drive, in the same location as Infusion tea. They have some amazing work from local crafters and artisans for sale, and you can get great tea too.

Bright Blessings,
Head Bather

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