Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Working on RitualBath Wednesday

Sometimes I have things on my to do list that keep getting bumped farther and farther down the line. Ever have items like that. Mine was my Etsy titles, which should have had more importance but it didn't so today was the day. I edited all the titles for more SEO and relevancy search words and I hope that will help just one of the many facets of getting my products seen.
What is Etsy relevancy one theory
Vanilla rose jasmine body sugar scrub with natural oils and vanilla beans spa body treatment
Love Sugar Body Scrub
"If you took 1000 listings and titled and tagged them all exactly the same, and renewed them all, the 10 with the most views would be the most relevant, the one's with no views the least relevant. Favorites increase relevancy mostly because they increase visibility within Etsy, which means more views, clicks, etc.".
There are many forum discussions on it and you can explore for yourself one of them here.

Basically now when on Etsy when you browse and search when you find something you like it helps the shop get more visibility if you click on favorites for those items. It does add that to your favorites file, which you can share or keep private. I like it for gift giving, helps me pinpoint the giftee's style and desires.

So won't you help a small business out and click away, we all would truly appreciate it. Oh and don't forget to Pin if you have a board but that's for another post.

Thanks for all your support!

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