Friday, June 3, 2011

Are you a level four mage?

Games are part of my life. My husband is a game designer, and I use the console to check Netflix. It’s a perfect balance of loves gaming, and “eh I’ll play you don’t know jack if you want”. I could take it or leave it. But I have been reading and listening lately and game theory is really starting to interest me. Not in a way that I will be creating a dark elf in WOW anytime soon, but using it in my business and mothering, heck even my marriage. Check out the book Forty Beads for the marriage one.

For my business it’s as easy as a shorter to do list. One that is accomplish able in a six hour work day (whatever day or hours that happens to be for your situation) being able to complete that list gives me a sense of defeating one level and moving to the next. Sure I have more things I could do, and sure I might continue to work after completing that to do list but having that list done is a great boost.

With my kid she is just now getting to the age of understanding you do X you get Y, though her understanding of money has not gone past “I need a quarter for a gum ball”. So maybe she gets a silly band, or new art supply when she accomplishes a agreed on goal. Like right now if she sleeps in her own room all night she can choose a reward, but I don’t reward her for making up her bed, that is just one of the chores she has as part of this family.

So look around you, you might be surprised at how many ways you use game theory in some for in your everyday life.
Head Bather
P.S. I have not read the book or affiliated in any way with the author or publisher, I was working on this post and the Today show was on and had a package about this "fun way to spice up your marriage". It was like a game! Kismet, love it!

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