Thursday, March 10, 2011

House slippers

My home has lots of tile and stays fairly cool (though it's in the 80s in March that can change in a few days here) and my feet are always cold. It's almost a guarantee that I can get the mister to yell and shiver if I touch him with my feet under the covers. So I need slippers for around the house to warm my frigid toes. I have tried drafting my own pattern and with motherhood and a craft habit bordering on hoarding I decided not to reinvent the wheel. So I bought a pattern for fleece boots and house shoes (for warmer months that don't require calf warming) from SewingWithMe on Etsy.

I have come across the pattern many times and have cut it out but not assembled yet. I will get to it soon but have to first get some RitualBath products made.
Here are the cute house shoes that I will make in a few weeks, so cute too!
Happy Crafting,
Head Bather

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