Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Strange and Inappropriate column

On the way home from a play date today (it's how I keep my sanity and get the kiddo socialized) I saw some quirky things. I wanted to take pictures but since I was driving and didn't want to cause any accidents I will just have to describe the two things that made this dreary day some what sillier.

Item 1: On the back of a large fancy SUV was the advertisement : Straight Up Bail Bonds with the tag line "We get to you before your cell mate does"
I just don't want to know.

Item 2: To preface this it is important to know that it is very overcast and 65 degrees in the Valley today. On the side of a busy road in a somewhat country setting (horse trails on the side of the road) a girl is in a pair of short jean shorts and bikini top, riding a bike very carefully. I mean She is making sure she gets a full rotation on each pedal, which I think is weird until I see the guy further up the hill sitting on the ground with a small camcorder.

Only in the Valley.

Night night,
Head Bather.

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