Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Earth best seller Ritual Kit

Do you need to feel more grounded, closer to the earth? Then the my Earth line may be just what you need.

Each gift size kit contains a face scrub to apply as you begin the ritual, a body wash scented with the lovely unisex scent of nag champa, and after the shower a moisturizer for protection from the dry wintry air with the same sweet and earthy incense as the body wash.
It’s a perfect prepackaged gift, or treat for yourself or someone you love.

½ oz Earth Face Scrub Organic cane sugar creates a gentle scrub and the sea clay helps draw out toxins.
Oils of cypress and rosemary help clean away bacteria.
1oz Earth Body wash paraben free shower jel with the scents of nag champa style inscents.
1oz Earth Body lotion a base of Aloe juice, coconut oil and vegetable glycerin moisturizes your entire body with out feeling greasy.

Head Bather

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