Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks to everyone!

I just finished my first Orange County CA area craft show called Patchwork, and I have fallen in love. Santa Ana and the area where Patchwork was held reminds me of my favorite towns and the things I am missing about them. It is located in an arts district that had shops and designers that remined me of College Park FL where I started RitualBath, and is around the corner from an artist colony that is reminicent of Towels Court in my hometown of Sarasota.
Everyone I met was so friendly and unique, the neighborhood had all the old houses I love. There was a yoga/meditation studio called Aadara that has the same vibe as the Yoga Shala we practiced at as a couple and expecting parents, oh how I miss you Linda. There was a great shop and learning anex called The Road Less Traveled, stocked with all sorts ecologicaly minded supplies. They have things for your home, office, remodel, gifts and a bed that looked quite enviting by the end of the day. There was also a Harvey's which being new to LA, I was not aware. Great bags of all styles and rugged to boot made out of seat belt straps, with a lifetime warrenty. I love their ruffled bags and large wallets that could carry everything I need, yet float from bag to bag.
Many of them have websites but if you are in the area I highly recomend driving down to North Main St Santa Ana, and just get lost in the one way streets or better yet enjoy this mild SoCal fall and walk around.
Off to do paperwork,
Head Bather

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