Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Henna hair dye, thank you.

First picture is of the after, second is the before.

While shopping at one of our new Henry's Farmers Markets I found my new favorite hair color, Surya Henna hair cream. I have gotten a bit of flack in the past over my use of chemical hair dyes, though I don't think it's so much because of my green tendencies as my orange, purple and blackberry hair colors annoying my mother. Well now she will have to find something else to be annoyed by, because I have converted to an all natural dye, Henna. Some of you may know that henna dyes skin and hair a red color, but add indigo a plant based blue dye and alma a neutral plant dye your choices begin to broaden from reds, browns, and blacks.

I have been wanting to try henna and was just about to order it and indigo from my botanical supplier when I found Surya cream. I bought two bottles because I have thick past my shoulders hair, and with chemical dye it usually takes two bottles. Well I was even more excited when the instructions said that I could save any left over product for next application, I am thrifty after all or I wouldn't be doing my own hair, cut it myself too, but that's another post.

The small bottle open and gloved hands ready I began applying, it was fabulous! There was no strong smell to burn my nose, no tingling on my scalp, and it applied like a balsamic reduction sauce, or at least this was the only thing I could think to compare the consistency with. I only used two thirds of the first bottle and it covered everything evenly, and smelled like sweet anise. It was almost spa like to sit there with the plastic cap on my head for 45min, though I think they would frown on you Skyping your Sis cross country, disturbing the peace and tranquility or something. Rinsing out was a breeze though it did take a little while to get semi clear water, but the finished color was shiny and rich, love love love it!

A few words of advice, wear a dark tee or button down this stains skin but not for long, apply un-petroleum jelly or Vaseline at hair line and on ears to keep dye off you face. I have washed and styled my hair since the first application and it still remains rich and glossy, even for a demi permanent color. I will continue going back to my Surya, it is what I have been looking for. Oh and my new straitening balm by Enjoy has made a world of diffrence too, check it out.

Heading out,
Head Bather

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